Who is Smark to Death

The Smark to Death podcast started in January of 2018. The story is 100% indicative of what the show became. Kyle and Anthony were drinking at a bar. Kyle drunkenly asked Anthony if he wanted to start a podcast. Anthony drunkenly agreed. Now they drunkenly podcast.

Okay, so we don’t really do that. However, the way the podcast started is absolutely true. Anthony and Kyle are just your average wrestling fans and here at Smark to Death, we never want you to think anything more than that. The guys are just two fans of wrestling that really enjoy talking about the news and rumors.

What is Smark to Death?

Kyle presented the idea of creating a show about wrestling that treated the topics like breaking news, the way wrestling fans treat the news. We didn’t want to create another podcast that had two hosts just blabbing, so Kyle had the idea of making this super creative format that made Smark to Death a wrestling news rundown where the two hosts would discuss and debate the topics at hand.

Naturally, the show has evolved since those days. Smark to Death is now a podcast that is hosted by Anthony and a series of guests he invites every week. Each week the crew covers news from the promotions we love and we focus on bringing fun conversation in the original format the show began with. The crew samples new beers most weeks and brings you live coverage after every PPV we’re watching. Our goal is to focus on what we think our listeners want to hear and we want you to feel like you’re hanging out with a couple of buds, drinking some beers, and chatting about wrestling.

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As the creator of this section, the social media mastermind, and the marketing wizard for Smark to Death – Anthony has dubbed himself Mr. Smark to Death, and his wife – Mrs. Smark to Death. Sure, Kyle came up with the idea for the show, edits the show, edited this page, and maintains the website, logos, stickers, RSS feeds, and basically everything that creates the show, but Anthony… yeah, he is the promoter. Yes, I am referring to myself in third person and will continue to do so. The only guy with more face/heel turns in the business might be Anthony. You’ll notice his opinions change his alignment almost every topic, and often times, he books things in his head the way they should happen, not the story unfolding. Anthony is a huge fan of craft beer, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor wrestling, and all things Chris Jericho. Thanks to his Waco marks, he has had a recent resurgence into the world of wrestling and could not be having a better time. Follow Anthony’s personal Twitter – @AnthonySuterS2D