Who is Smark to Death

Everybody likes to know a little bit about their hosts, right? We try to do our best to let you guys know who we are each and every week, but sometimes that doesn’t work as well as a bio will! The four main members of this team are your hosts – Kyle and Anthony, Prince Petty, and Joey Vasser. Learn a little bit about the guys!

Kyle Dillon aka Smark to Death's Vince McMahon

Kyle is the creator of this show. One night while drinking at Hemmingway’s watering hole, Kyle pitched an idea to Anthony – let’s make a podcast that simulates a culmination of our favorite professional sports shows. Drunkenly, the two agreed. Thanks to Kyle McMahon-Dillon, we now have the Smark to Death podcast. Kyle is a huge fan of old school wrestling, loyal to WWE product, but is also always very aware of what is going on in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Progress, Impact, and more. Truly the best source of wrestling knowledge within the founding town of Dr Pepper, Kyle can surprise you with his wealth of knowledge, ability to research anything, and his ability to find all rumors and news related to professional wrestling. Kyle edits the show, created the logo, pitched the idea, created this very website, and is an expert website creator. In addition to a full time job and this podcast, Kyle also freelance web-designs. The man is very busy, but he still brings you the show that was his brain child. Follow Kyle on Twitter – @kyledillonisme

Anthony Suter aka Mr. Smark to Death

As the creator of this section, the social media mastermind, and the marketing wizard for Smark to Death – Anthony has dubbed himself Mr. Smark to Death, and his wife – Mrs. Smark to Death. Sure, Kyle came up with the idea for the show, edits the show, edited this page, and maintains the website, logos, stickers, RSS feeds, and basically everything that creates the show, but Anthony… yeah, he is the promoter. Yes, I am referring to myself in third person and will continue to do so. The only guy with more face/heel turns in the business might be Anthony. You’ll notice his opinions change his alignment almost every topic, and often times, he books things in his head the way they should happen, not the story unfolding. Anthony is a huge fan of craft beer, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor wrestling, and all things Chris Jericho. Thanks to his Waco marks, he has had a recent resurgence into the world of wrestling and could not be having a better time. Follow Anthony’s personal Twitter – @AnthonySuter