There is an excitement around the world of wrestling for us hardcore fans lately. Wrestling is showing up on our television or web browsers almost every single day and regardless of some booking decisions, the quality of in-ring action is absolutely absurd.

Seriously, think about how lucky we are right now. Professional wrestling is producing athletes that are just as impressive in-ring as Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffery, Leborn James, etc are in their respective sports. Wrestlers like Kazuchika Okada, Seth Rollins, Alex Zayne, Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, Riho, Io Shirai, Becky Lynch, etc are all at the top of their game and doing things in the ring that we used to dream of. 

We have such a wonderful time of wrestling in front of us, the hardcore fans. Sure, the lapsed fans may never come back, but we should definitely enjoy what we are getting right now. This is a new golden age of wrestling, hell maybe it’s the platinum age of wrestling as far as in-ring quality is concerned! Anyway, on to the episode.

Anthony is solo to discuss all the big moves in Japanese wrestling, Bischoff getting fired, and more!

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Anthony, Smark to Death Podcast

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