Well, hello everyone! I wanted to provide an update via text for everyone regarding the podcast as the last month has been bananas and, now that things are slowing down, I can put down in writing my plans for the show as they’ve been cemented.


What Happened?

As many of you know, the hosting situation of the Smark to Death podcast has changed in recent weeks. I know, I’m dwelling on it, but break ups are hard, okay?!?!? No, but seriously, Kyle had a change of heart and that change of heart happens sometimes and that’s totally okay.

Many of you have asked if Kyle and I still talk and, of course, we do. We both still have many interests like food, booze, some music, and sports, so the friendship didn’t rely on just creating a podcast together. For those of you that showed that kind of interest in our lives, I truly appreciate it, as do Kyle and Charis, I’m sure.

What have you done to my show?

Nobody has asked this, I just wanted to put a Ringside News style header in this blog post for shits and grins. The podcast has not changed too much, I feel. The format and the frequency are the same, but I’ve changed a bit of the feel of the show. Here are the details:

1. Smark to Death is still a weekly podcast that features three rounds of wrestling conversation about the hottest news, rumors, and predictions.

2. Episodes and PPV recaps are recorded live on the Smark to Death YouTube channel. The shows will focus more on viewer interaction than ever before.

3. The hosting situation is the biggest thing to address. I will invite guest hosts, but the plan is to go mostly solo after I work through the guests I’ve promised episodes to. I will invite a guest from time to time, but I want to embark on this journey solo for the time being so that I can focus on the live, community aspect of the show.

4. Episodes will be recorded on Thursday nights now. 

5. Unedited audio will be released on Thursdays on the Smark to Death Premium Service

6. Full Audio will be released on Thursdays with ads. Ads will be pre-roll and post-roll. Mid-roll ads will only be other podcaster friends I want my listeners to learn about and listen to. 

7. Smark to Death Premium will include weekly episodes including a monthly Q&A Service.

8. I will be promoting the websites I work for as a freelance journalist: Wrestling News World, Steelchair Magazine, and Bell to Belles

9. I will still conduct interviews and have a couple scheduled in the coming weeks. These will be released on Mondays for free, but will be released to premium members the day they are recorded.

10. I’m considering also making the audio available live through Spreaker. I’ve changed our host site to that and it allows me to stream audio live for followers there. This will allow the show to be viewed live, listened to live, or viewed/listened to on demand. The goal for Smark to Death has ALWAYS been to make this feel like a radio show and I intend to follow through with that dream. 


What are your goals for Smark to Death?

Simply put, my goal is to create quality content that is inviting to the listener. I want to welcome opinions to be giving to me on Social Media, during the live show, or even emailed to me. 

The tone of the show has shifted to a bit more serious, but I intend to still have fun and bring on guests like Mr. Warren Hayes of the Mr. Warren Hayes show, Jonathan Pilquist of No Particular Angle, Kelsi from the Two Faced Pod, and so many other content creators that I love so much. 

So, please enjoy the show and, to give you a preview of the Premium content, please enjoy this FREE PREVIEW of the type of episodes I’ll be including in Smark to Death Premium. Also, here is my most recent episode which was a panel that I enjoyed so very much listed below. 

Thank you for continuing to support the Smark to Death Podcast, I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the live stream.

 – Anthony

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