Kyle quit the band. We are not back together… again.

However, this starts a new era for the Smark to Death podcast and I am ready. I’m excited and ready to continue creating content for our listeners because honestly, it’s just who I am now.

Smark to Death has helped me find my creative side again. Due to this love being found, I cannot quit. I will not quit. I’m here to bring wrestling content to people and create a community.

When I started Smark to Death with Kyle, the goal for me quickly became something different. I wasn’t as concerned with growth as I was with community. I still feel that way today.

I want to provide a home for all of us to chat, listen, and interact. Smark to Death is a home for so many listeners now and it will continue to be a home in the future. Stay with me, friends. I will continue to give you the home, community, and podcast that you love.

On to the next one

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