Following Impact Wrestling is a freakin’ rollercoaster isn’t it? I started watching Impact Wrestling around this time last year. Pentagon Jr was soon going to win the Impact World Championship from Austin Aries before losing it basically immediately at a TV taping.

Then Austin Aries went crazy on Impact Wrestling and Johnny Impact.

And then we had Johnny Impact start a reign of terror.

Oh, and then Taya Valkyrie beats Tessa Blanchard with the assistance of Gail Kim and both Taya and Johnny are champions.

It’s very confusing what Impact does sometimes, but as bad as the booking can be and as questionable as the decisions often are, Impact Wrestling is often very capable of putting on a very good show like they did tonight with Impact Rebellion.

As a new fan, I’ve experienced basically everything I could even dream of in following this company. The things I made fun of Kyle for have come to fruition multiple times, but I have to praise a show when it’s done well and tonight, Impact entertained me. Plus, Slammiversary is coming to Texas and I kind of want to go. 

Anyway, here is my review below in YouTube format. The audio download will be added to this blog post later this week. Make sure to subscribe, like, and comment to help more people hear my thoughts on what was an excellent PPV!

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