Five years ago, I had no idea that there were wrestling promotions outside of WWE. Hell, I didn’t even realize WWE had changed their names to WWE from WWF nor did I care. I wasn’t a wrestling fan anymore and I didn’t really understand the world.

Obviously, that has changed dramatically since that year as I am now not only a big wrestling fan, but I’m also a fan of so many promotions. I still, however, until the build to All In last year, did not know what the NWA was. Kyle is more of the wrestling historian here on Smark to Death and me… well I serve as the mark that loves the flippy shit and swears independent wrestling is better. (It is, I’m right. Trust me.)

So, last year I hear about the NWA from the Cody vs Nick Aldis build and I become fascinated by it. Then, the NWA rebirth becomes a thing and I get so excited about it. So, I started paying attention to what they are doing. I start watching 10 Pounds of Gold on YouTube. And I start trying to learn about the promotion.

NWA 70th Anniversary is announced shortly after Cody defeated Nick Aldis at All In and we now know we have a rematch for the 10 pounds of gold, the NWA Worlds Championship. The show, albeit a rocky one from a production standpoint, was quite good in my opinion. In fact, you can see with the video below, how excited I was about the show!


NWA Crockett Cup


And now we have arrived at a different NWA. Nick Aldis regained the Worlds Championship, Jazz has relinquished the Womens World’s Championship, and we now have Willie Mack as the National Champion. The NWA has since decided to bring back the Crockett Cup and to provide us with a tournament to bring back their tag belts. And if you know me, you know how excited I was when this was announced because I LOVE tournament wrestling AND tag team wrestling, so I went into this excited. 

Since the 70th Anniversary, we’ve seen Ring of Honor start to work heavily with NWA and thus we have this alliance between the two that many were skeptical of. However, after tonight… ya boy is VERY excited about the show that was produced and their partnership in the future.

I wanted to write a bit about the show and the NWA as I am very excited about the company moving forward. Billy Corgan has set these guys up for success and there is no better man than Nick Aldis to represent the company. 

So check out my Youtube review of this show below. I hope you enjoy it. Audio will be out later this week. And if you don’t mind, let me know if the comments what you thought about this show or, if you didn’t, what would make you check out the NWA?

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