I’d be absolutely insane to not discuss what is quite likely the biggest story in wrestling for a couple weeks. After months (which felt like years, honestly) the Shield has written it’s final chapter in WWE… for now. I know we all have a lot of feelings about this, maybe not all of them good, sad, or even completely attached to this moment, but this is a real turning point for WWE and wrestling as a whole, in my opinion.

The Shield will always be one of the most important factions in modern day WWE.

It doesn’t really matter if that point is one that you completely agree with or not because according to WWE, this will always be true. The Shield really was one of those factions that people just gravitated to and now, it looks to be done for a while. Naturally, this is going to be one of the topics covered on this week’s show (links and video down below) but I wanted to touch on my own personal feelings toward the Shield in a little more depth because we don’t necessarily get that time on the show.

I regret not being a wrestling fan when the Shield was formed.

If you’re a long time listener fo the show, you know a couple of things about me.

  1. I am a reluctant WWE fan
  2. I consider myself a new fan despite being very invested over the last 5 years.

Due to the second point, I often have a lot of regrets about things I missed. Of course, I missed out on the Summer of Punk, which is a bummer, but this formation of the Shield… a transcendent faction that will likely be fondly remembered for years is something that I hate I didn’t get to see in it’s peak. When I first started watching wrestling again, Dean Ambrose was the wrestler I immediately graviated to. I started watching religiously when Seth Rollins wrestled Sting, then got injured, and there was a tournament with the final for the WWE Championship being Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. I wasn’t a huge fan of Roman at the time, but Dean I just loved.

Dean Ambrose reminded me what I loved about wrestling.

And yea, I know that Dean was not the most talented member of the Shield, but he was the best talker and as a newly returning fan, you want a guy that can talk. Dean Ambrose gave me that. So, I then get to hear all the murmoring of what the trio of Seth, Dean, and Roman were like as the Shield. I hear all these stories about their legendary feud with the Wyatt Family, and I start to regret.

I still hold the regret right now.

It’s a silly thing because the WWE exists, but getting to experience the Shield when they first debuted as heels before slowly turning into anti-heroes, and then being able to experience the anger at Seth Rollins as he turned on his brothers? Boy, that’s some quality TV I wish I had experienced live.

I will miss Dean Ambrose in WWE

If Dean Ambrose is truly gone, this Smark to Death co-host will miss him. My wife and I always enjoyed his work and I will never forget the moment he won Money in the Bank and then cashed in to win the WWE title for the first time. Like the mark that I am, I ran around the living room so excited for “my boy Dean Ambrose.”

So, as we get into this week’s show, I bid farely to Dean Ambrose… for now. I’ll be following him wherever he goes next.

On to the show

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