Anthony sits down with PCO to discuss his resurgence in wrestling, his chemistry with Marty Scurll, and what winning the Ring of Honor World Title means to him.

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On his resurgence into wrestling

It’s been absolutely awesome. Every day I get to get up and do exactly what I wanted to do in life and to live and just being like living a legend. I don’t say that some days aren’t different than the others and it’s not like sometimes some adversity strikes. It’s a part of life, I think it’s a way of me facing adversity. It’s been fantastic, even on the independent wrestling circuit. Everywhere I went in the states and around the world, I was always welcome in a way that was unbelievable and the promotions took good care of me. IT kept building up week after week and it’s been like that for the last year and half.


On why he does crazy bumps

I like to do it for the fans, but I have to be honest with you. While I’m doing them I’m having fun. I wouldn’t do things that I would think would jeopardize my health or my life if I didn’t think I was capable of doing them. There is a big part where I want to please the fans and put on a good show where I know wrestling is about when you get there for a few moments, you want to forget about the problems you have in your life and forget about what does go wrong and be able to be caught on by the entertainment and forget about everything else. It’s why wrestling is going to create some moments where the crowd reacts and get that moment and they become part of the story and part of the match and part of your success and things like that. It creates a bond between the wrestlers and the fan.

PCO speaks about working in the G1 Supercard

It was the most important match of my life. Being at the G1 Supercard was like a WrestleMania for me. It was the greatest one because Madison Square Garden is the world’s most famous arena. And we know WrestleMania goes there every 10 years and being able to be there with Ring of Honor which is an upcoming, incredible promotion, and they have so much going on with them. There are new fans that say “this is my first time” and they say “there is nothing compared to an ROH show.” It’s been 6 years since a non-McMahon promotion has been in the garden. Being one of the main attractions on the show was pretty historical.


Choosing to work for Ring of Honor

I think it’s because we both choose each other. They choose me and I choose them. It was a mutual sense of feeling wanted a little bit. The way they entered all the negotiations was really, really professional. I had been in touch with all the other promotions and decided to go with Ring of Honor for the reasons that they were so professional in the way that they negotiate the contract, the way that everything was professional on phones and meetings, different points that make negotiation what it is. They said “we’re here to enhance PCO, Perfect Creation One, we want you to bring it from here and bring it to up there. We’ll never ask you to do something you don’t feel good doing. We’re here to help build you into something stronger and better. I felt like the way the discussions were going, they’re working hand in hand with their talent.”


PCO discusses the formation of Villain Enterprises and his chemistry with Marty Scurll

It’s been awesome and the chemistry has been great. I got to be with Marty in 2008 when I was touring England. I was in the business, I worked for All Star promotion and Marty was working there. I got to wrestling a lot against Nick (Aldis) and to get to be on the same shows as Marty and Nick for a long period of time. At that point, it’s like my career was stalled and I came back home and saw Marty on ROH. I remember meeting him and knowing how bad he wanted to work in this business and how hard he was working. I was impressed with his professionalism and his attitude and they were privy to business and making it. Sometimes you feel like you’ve wasted a year, I was away from my family for almost a year in 2008 for almost nothing. I was having success in 2018 and I got in touch with Marty, he was asking questions if I had signed with anyone else and things like that and I said “No, I’m not signed with anyone else yet.” I said “the day that I sign a contract I have to feel good about it.” I was having a good time on the indies and I was being taken care of. So, we got in touch a few times and then Ring of Honor got in touch with me and other promotions got in touch with me, but I had that chemistry with Marty.

The Ring of Honor Championship

It’s something I was thinking about since the day it was announced. It kind of caught me by surprise because I never saw it coming. I expected at one point or another to get a chance for the world title. All of my life I’ve been wanting to win the world heavyweight championship, the big gold that lays the foundation for the company. Obviously, everyone that’s been world champion they’ve always had this super strong card under them. It’s about the whole promotion, it’s not about the champ itself. It’s a goal that’s part of this business. I don’t see why we’d be wrestlers or be hockey players if you don’t wanna win the Stanley Cup or be a football player and not want to win the Super Bowl. For me, it’s a big prize, it’s huge.

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