Well, well, well… WWE definitely set our expectations really high for their post WrestleMania shows didn’t they? Except that they arguably didn’t live up to the hype.

Now, that isn’t to say that these were bad shows because they frankly were not, but the shows weren’t what we’re used to in years past. Is this because of the Superstar Shakeup next week?

Superstar Shakeup

The superstar shakeup has become an annual thing and I like it, but it seems like the company is moving away from brand splits again, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s almost like they have slowly been forcing us to not be weirded out if Braun Strowman shows up on Smackdown Live or if the IIconics show up on RAW to defend their title, it won’t be so strange. And we’ve seen Twitter exchanges between the Hardy Boys and the Major Brothers (I’m not sure why Curt and Zack are going by this, by the way, please explain) that suggests a potential unification match.

I’m not complaining if they stop it, but I do worry about all the talent that gets left off the show when they have their entire bloated roster with stories being told in consecutive nights. Surely, the jobbers or mid-carders that were getting pushes will be hung out to dry and with no content for them, right?

WrestleMania Week Hangover

Before the episode, I just want to touch on this because I really didn’t think this would be a true feeling I would get after just sitting around and watching television for four straight days, but it really is. Providing all the content we could here at Smark to Death was my goal and I wouldn’t take back those hours I gave to creating that content for anything. Not a chance, because I love it. I love talking bout this crazy thing that’s called professional wrestling and now that I have time to do other things, I’m kind of bummed out.

However, I do not hate being able to go to sleep before 3am because I’m not editing audio or video content for our site, but that’s another story.

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