Well guys, it finally happened. I had to record a podcast episode all by my lonesome. Let me tell you this, by the way, despite the fact that I go live a lot and make lots of appearances, it is REALLY tough to do this show without a co-host.

So, Kyle… you’re loved. Know this.

The showcase of the immortals is going to a really long show this year

WrestleMania is how long?

One of the topics I cover in this episode is how long WrestleMania’s show is supposed to be this year. (To hear the full rant, head to round 3 around the 30 minute mark of show)

The show is supposed to be 8 freaking hours long. Are you serious? I know this is the biggest show of the year, but I didn’t realize every wrestling fan was going to need their punch card to get paid hourly. Sheesh.

NXT Takeover is going to RULE!

However, NXT Takeover is going to be absolutely amazing. I reveal the card right after the topic above, so check out my thoughts on the card and what matches are scheduled for the show, if you don’t know already. Seriously, how good is NXT Takeover and how is it so freaking consistent every year?

The New Day still ain’t booty

Kofi and the New Day still rock.

Kofi Kingston lost the gauntlet match. At the end of round 2, I discuss this topic and give my thoughts on exactly what is going on with the booking and my thoughts on where this is all heading. Spoiler Alert: I think Kofi is getting the match and winning it, too.

Anyway, the New Day is fine, Kofi Kingston is amazing, and serious Big E cut an amazing promo on Twitter. Check out my thoughts in that episode.

On to the show!

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