The bracketology boys are back again for our review of the NJPW Cup Round 2 results. This was a very good round and discussed the round at length as well as made our predictions about Round 3.

However, I want to start writing a bit more on our show notes from now on to really give people a reason to stop by and check out

I absolutely love tournament wrestling.

The storytelling and booking involved in a tournament lasting a few weeks just makes me feel like a kid again. It doesn’t matter what the promotion is because I just love this style of wrestling so much! The style of booking required for tournaments means you have to tell the story of several people at one time and a really effective story develops so many people so nicely.

Will Ospreay – Giant Killer.

First, let me tell you why this story is my favorite thing in wrestling right now. For so many reasons, Will Ospreay is quickly becoming my favorite wrestler in the world. Sure, this is because I’m not seeing Kenny Omega wrestle right now and that makes a huge difference, but Ospreay is just on absolute fire at the moment.

The giant killer storyline he has in his booking right now is just insane and it’s such a good underdog story. We all know that NJPW loves Will Ospreay, but he is continually being booked against these guys that he shouldn’t defeat, in kayfabe. So, we’ve seen him take out Fale and we’ve seen him take out Lance Archer. Now he is wrestling a different kind of giant in Okada. You would think he’s going out, but is he? We have Okada winning the tournament, but Ospreay’s storytelling would make even more sense if he took out the top guy of NJPW.

On to the episode.

As promised, I am only writing just a bit about this week’s round of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Below you’ll find our episode from YouTube. We give you our thoughts on the round 2 results and our predictions for round 3. Who will win the NJPW cup? Leave your winner in the comments!

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