Well, it’s that time of the year. Ring of Honor held their 17th anniversary show tonight from Las Vegas, Nevada which means we got a SUPER late show. East coast end time, you may ask? 12:30am. Yes, wrestling was on in the East Coast until after midnight. Sheesh.

Despite this being a very, very late show, my buddy Jon from No Particular Angle Pod joined me to breakdown what happened during the show.

Before we get into that, though, I want to type a little piece about Ring of Honor and where it is headed going into Madison Square Garden and beyond in 2019.

Ring of Honor is fine.

No, I don’t mean that in a way to pay homage to the Bullet Club storyline from last year, I sincerely think the promotion is fine. Better than fine, in fact, because the promotion is using new stars. For a long time, Ring of Honor was stuck in this constant battle where they had stars they could push, but the Bullet Club was always around and that’s what their fans wanted. If you’re WWE, you don’t have to listen to that, but promotions like Ring of Honor MUST listen to the fans, so they did.

The Era of the Bullet Club is Dead.

Again, this isn’t some kind of knock and it’s not a bad thing. Ring of Honor is finally getting to use guys like Shane Taylor in a major way. Silas Young was able to jump on commentary, Kenny King had a match with a major wrestling star in Marty Scurll, Matt Taven went broadway in a Ring of Honor World Title match. All of this stuff is good for the promotion and I’m personally very excited about it.

On to the show.

However, you’re not here for that, are you? This was a pretty solid PPV and I’m glad I watched it. Big shoutout to FITE for giving us a media pass to enjoy the show. The breakdown and recap you’re looking for is below!

Let me know what you think, guys! Did you enjoy this show? Is Ring of Honor going to be fine? Tell the world what you think in the comment section!

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