Hi everyone, cool news! We were invited to our first ever media call today and I was able to join in and find out some information about Ring of Honor, the 17th Anniversary show, and experience my first ever media call with a wrestling promotion! Below you’ll find some notes from the call that I’ve written up before!

  • ROH 17th Anniversary airs this Friday on traditional PPV outlets and Honor Club
  • Running down the card for the show, no DQ match
  • Matt Taven says he will be defending the real ROH Title against Jay Lethal
    • Questions for Taven, he emphasizes he is the real world champ after pinning Dalton for an 8 count
    • States this is a reign tour and this is an epic title reign
    • Answered my question, says if he wins Friday he will get rid of the belt Jay Lethal wears since his is an upgrade. Prior to the question, he mocks our podcast name. (I got a good laugh)
    • He answers a question regarding the anniversary show, says he will continue his dominance and prove publications like “Smark to Death” wrong.
    • Taven talks about how there were conspirators against him for a while now, but they are all Melvins. Everyone here is getting some hate from Matt Taven.
    • Taven says he takes a lot of pride in being the only trio to hold the 6-Man Title 3 times and they are the best trio in the world today.
    • Says Lethal’s title reign has been an absolute joke, Samoa Joe is still the longest reign in history.
    • Taven again says “Smark to Death” is the worst name on this media call. The call is almost all character work.
    • Talk now of how the Kingdom has a true bond, came up together in the business, all from the same area.
    • Our pal Sean Ross Sapp asks about the Real ROH title belt since it is destroyed now. Taven says he will slap Lethal in the face unlike Sean, who would probably sue him.
    • Matt Taven’s section ends. Says Jay Lethal is nothing but lies, a poser, and nothing but a fraud.
  • Jay Lethal is up
    • Asked about how IWGP Heavyweight title is main eventing, he says it is a joint show and he doesn’t mind as long as he is on the show.
    • I ask Lethal about being the face of ROH. He says he won’t change a thing and will continue to carry the legacy of the former champs and their work ethic. Says he has a lot of stress and it’s nerve wrecking. The stress makes him better, great wrestlers perform better. Everyone is looking forward to MSG, all like giddy little children. Hopes he gets through Matt Taven and able to walk into MSG as champion. It’s a bucket list thing to check off.
    • Lethal puts over the work ethic, match type, match quality, and skill of the other wrestlers on the ROH roster. Puts over Bandido Jr.
    • He tells us about how he wants to lead the charge of Ring of Honor and no longer about bringing characters like Machismo back. Right now, he has to focus on being serious. Puts over Matt Taven as someone that would strive with opportunities.
    • Jay Lethal compares his wrestling career to winning the lottery. Says he hasn’t set goals because he’s afraid they won’t come true. The only goal he has set is to hold onto the ROH title long enough to walk into the MSG show as champ.
    • Tells us his goal is to strengthen the company and spread the Ring of Honor name. He wears ROH shirt on his back regardless of where he promotes.
    • He mentions how ROH has their roster plucked through to make up other company’s rosters to make up their top guys.
    • Lethal mentions nobody has asked what it’s like stepping in the ring with Matt Taven. Says that he is driven and hungry and it makes him excel in the wrestling business. Taven can hang with anyone, Lethal says. He continues to put Taven over and says that he would carry the brand very well if he wins.
    • Sean asks about the visual perspective of the “Real” ROH Title. He says it wasn’t ugly, but it represented something ugly.
    • Lethal says Cary Silken is like a second Dad to him.
    • Call wraps up.

Well, it was our first media call and it was a lot of fun! Are you watching ROH 17th Anniversary this weekend? Sound off in the comments below!

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