Another Conspiracy Theory, Thanks Twitter

Seriously, how often do we see Twitter is the stem of some insane rumor that makes the wrestling world go crazy? And at this point, even mentioning the Young Bucks and WWE in the same sentence will make any wrestling fan speak their opinion whether it be positively or negatively. It’s absolutely insane. This is the world we live in and in most weeks, that’s not a bad thing.

I have let you all down – for the last few weeks, I have not been posting the show notes and that’s a huge bummer. How is anyone supposed to remember what we spoke about when I don’t even update the website? This place has been a ghost town, but you are a loyal reader. You’re always here, reading our show notes, and loving our show.

Or this is your first visit and my opinion for show notes has officially driven you away. Regardless – here’s what we did.





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Round 1

  • Rey Mysterio pre-order character for WWE 2K19
    • Back to WWE after All In
  • Shinsuke injured? Sami injured
  • Eric Young loses first main roster match
  • Eli Drake resigns with Impact despite WWE interest
  • Lio Rush debut
  • 7 year anniversary of the Pipe Bomb promo






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Round 2

  • Rumors of NXT on FS1
  • Multiman match for #1 contender cancelled
    • Is Universal title dead?
  • Team Hell No reunited
  • WWE followed Matt Jackson, does this mean anything
  • Bayley turns on Sasha. Is she heel?





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Round 3

  • ROH best in the world predictions
  • NXT UK tournament thoughts
  • Smackdown now flagship for WWE? What happens to 205 live?





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Guest Interview – Hotshot Danny Dugan

That’s a wrap!

And that is the end of the show! We hope you enjoy the topics we pick and that you will continue to listen to the show every week even with us rambling on forever. In case you missed the news this week on Twitter, we are now officially live on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer! You can find us by searching for “Smark to Death” on those logos. Be sure to follow us on your favorite streaming service every Wednesday at 7:30 PM US Central Standard time for Rapid Fire. If you want questions answered – submit them using #smarktodeath. A recent featured post contains the YouTube video to this week’s Rapid Fire, so check it out! We are also now on Spotify! So, if you want to listen to us there, search for us! Next week’s  show notes will have the link, I promise.

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