WWE Has A Booking Issue

I know, that sounds super cliché, but hear me out. I have been reflecting quite a bit on last night’s PPV and honestly, I can’t put my finger on a reason why I should continue watching the product outside of my love for professional wrestling. As many of you know by listening to the podcast,

I’m a huge fan of New Japan Pro Wrestling right now and with each WWE PPV event that fails to live up to any hype I’ve made up, I become more invested in that product. I know, WWE isn’t necessarily a product for a hardcore wrestling fan. At it’s core, it’s sports entertainment, not wrestling.

… But shouldn’t it be at least a little bit of professional wrestling?

When I think back to my initial days of watching the WWE, I remember the greatest wrestlers of my generation – Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and countless other guys that have these memorable moments that gave me such fond memories of wrestling.

I struggle to find those moments now. In fact, the booking of WWE has become such a problem because nothing feels like a memorable moment any more.

The company spends so much time worrying about booking moments that weekly television doesn’t give you any reason to care about the moment. Instead, we are left scratching our heads wondering why the decision was made and arguing with each other on the internet.


Heels vs Faces

To me, this is the largest issue in the WWE right now. Sure, the issue is widespread and the NWO started this trend of it being cool to like heels. We don’t have these super good guys any more that every body will love. The Bullet Club is cool, but they’re bad guys. The Shield was at it’s best when they were heels. People loved the New Day as heels more than they do as faces.

Isn’t that a bit of an issue?

When I started watching wrestling, I wanted a story to be told. I wanted your Steamboat vs Flair, Hogan vs the Iron Sheik, and any other good guy overcomes the maniacal ways of the bad guy, but now we don’t get that. The last true triumph came when Daniel Bryan overcame the authority to become the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 30.

Wrestlemania 30 was 4 years ago now and we still can’t get another good guy story.


Roman Reigns is not the top face

We all know this. Roman shouldn’t be booked as the top face. We love Braun, but Braun isn’t even the top face because the stories wouldn’t be believable. Honestly, I’m not sure that there is a guy on the roster that is worthy of being the top face of the company in the traditional sense.

There are people I cheer for, mostly heels, but there are guys I cheer for, but they aren’t traditional good guys.

Is it necessary to have a “traditional” good guy as I keep preaching? Maybe not. However, if we want one top guy to exist, he needs to at least have the ability and drawing power of John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, etc. This guy doesn’t really exist in WWE, and if he does, it isn’t Roman Reigns.

Roman has all of the talent in the world, but he doesn’t have the ability to be a top draw and asking him to do so is just frankly unfair to him and fans.


New Japan Pro Wrestling is for hardcore fans

Ultimately, this is what I”m hear to blog about today. The WWE is not for us hardcore wrestling fans. It isn’t for podcasters, marks, whatever we want to call ourselves. Promotions like NJPW exist to please us. Maybe this is done indirectly, but NJPW is putting on wrestling that we can be proud of.

The top guy there – Okada – is far away more capable of being a top draw for that company than anybody not named Brock Lesnar, John Cena, or Randy Orton in the WWE – established stars nearly past their prime. Kenny Omega is the best international draw in the company and the Young Bucks continue to sell merchandise that’s flying out of the Pro Wrestling Tees print shop.

Universally, people love Naito. People love Jericho, now a NJPW roster member. We all know and love Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Minoru Suzuki, Kenny Omega, Okada, The Young Bucks, the OG Bullet Club members, and that list can go on. These guys are “cool” to watch. Kota Ibushi is one of the last traditional babyfaces that has lasted the test of time, in this podcast’s opinion.

And this is why I love New Japan Pro Wrestling. This is why every bad WWE PPV has me wondering why I watch weekly.


I will still keep the faith

I’ll end this blog entry with this – I’m still going to keep watching. I am still going to keep the faith. Reluctantly, I am still going to keep up with the WWE – because I love professional wrestling. It isn’t exactly easy to keep doing this, but maybe things will change one day.

I just needed to vent a bit to you guys.

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